“Swordsman Legends” Luck Royale – Week of 12/07/2020

While many people would head over to the shop in Garena Free Fire for gear and upgrades, there is another option. With the luck of the draw, you can find some really great, unique items and skins. Each week, different aspects of Luck Royale are traded out. Some last much longer, but each one is unique and still offers some options for the in-game currency, gold.

This time around, we’ll be checking out what the week of December 7th, 2020 brings us. You should expect a lot of swords and Swordsman Legends themes.

Faded Wheel Luck Royale – Popstar By Night

The Faded Wheel is a simple wheel of fortune game. You start off by removing two items from the list that you can do without. Not looking for that particular weapon loot crate? No problem. Remove that (and one other thing), then go for the gold (items). If you want yourself to look like someone right out of a Final Fantasy game, you’re in luck (royale). The Popstar By Night bundle is the top tier prize for this one, which feels like the younger, lesser-known brother of Sephiroth. Yes, he has angel wings. This bundle comes with the top, bottoms, shoes, head/hair, and facepaint. You’ll also find the Master of Death pet skin in here, giving you a pretty rad, tiny death robot. Or, you can grab that Swan emote for some ballet.

Each spin costs more as you go forward, starting at only 9 diamonds, then 19, and so on. (We got the Riot Academy board on our first 9 Diamond spin).

This is ending at the end of the week, so get on this one quick if you want to cosplay Final Fantasy.

Diamond Royale – Beast-Arm Clone

If you’re looking for some high quality skins, the Diamond Royale is always a great place to start. Generally, the Diamond Royale focuses on a specific set, but will include multiple older, high-quality items that can be won. This specific Lucky Royale uses the paid currency, known as Diamonds. 

The current Diamond Royale is going on nearly another month and is the Beast-Arm Clone. We recently had the Beast-Arm Mutant as a Faded Wheel, (and resembles Dante from Devil May Cry). The Clone is the female version of that skin, complete with a bad-ass glowing arm. The bundle includes a headpiece, torso, legs, shoes, and make up. Currently, the price is 80 Diamonds to get a single spin. But, you can get 11 spins for only 800 Diamonds. Get this one before it goes away mid-week! The good news is that we’ll have something new immediately after!

Gold Royale – Blue Blaster

If you’re not the type to spend real money, Gold Royale is where you can spend that in-game-earned Gold. This Gold Royale has a rugby-inspired outfit (for both male and female avatars) with the Blue Blaster and also includes a full clothing bundle set as the grand prize. Additionally, the other possible prizes include a handful of possible character unlocks, such as Miguel and Nikita.

Just like the Diamond Royale, the Gold Royale includes items other than the featured bundle. However, the chances of getting temporary items are much higher here. Since this one is the free-to-play option, it’s full of more limited-timed items lasting up to a few days to deck yourself out in something cool for a little bit. But, go for the top item with Blue Blaster!

All it takes is 300 Gold for a single spin, or 3000 for eleven spins. There’s seriously only a couple days left in this Gold Royale. So, if you miss out, a new Gold Royale will start mid-week!

Weapon Royale – SVD Swordsman Legends

While the Diamond Royale focuses on clothing, the Weapon Royale uses Diamonds as well, but for (you guessed it) weapons. This SVD Swordsman Legends skin has a violent violet feel and radiates an aura that resembles cherry blossom petals. It rocks a plus to damage and ammo, but hinders the recoil. Get this great new skin for your UMP45 before it’s gone after this weekend.

You can get a single spin on this Luck Royale for 50 Diamonds, or eleven for only 500. Keep an eye out later in the week for potential discounts on spins, which sometimes happens just before the Luck Royale ends.

Incubator – Swordsman Legends

You can find the Incubator for the Swordsman Legends blueprints for a couple more weeks. This outfit looks like a feudal Japanese samurai with a modern flair. This outfit absolutely matches the SVD Swordsman Legends from the current Weapon Royale. Get this Incubator at 60 Diamonds per spin and 270 Diamonds for five spins. But, as it gets closer to ending, likely a week or so from now, the discounts may come!

While you’re here, check out the newest Elite Pass, “Endless Oblivion”. Then, check out Garena Free Fire yourself by downloading the game and getting started.

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“Swordsman Legends” Luck Royale – Week of 12/07/2020

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