Luck Royale Goodies For The Week Of 12/21/2020

While many people would head over to the shop in Garena Free Fire for gear and upgrades, there is another option. With the luck of the draw, you can find some really great, unique items and skins. Each week, different aspects of Luck Royale are traded out and this time, the entire board has changed!

So, with the spirit of the season, let’s dive in. We’ll be talking about what’s being offered for the week of December 21st, 2020. If you’re a Cyberpunk 2077 fan, you’re gonna love most of these.

Faded Wheel – Cyber Bounty Hunter (AKA Cyberpunk 2077)

The Faded Wheel is a simple wheel of fortune game. You start off by removing two items from the list that you can do without. Not looking for that particular weapon loot crate? No problem. Knock it and one other item off your list and go for the gold (items). Cyber Bounty Hunter looks like he was ripped right out of Blade Runner or Cyberpunk 2077, but with a distinctly Final Fantasy feel to him. Donning a black trenchcoat, the additional teal and magenta vibe look makes you feel like you’re heading into an underground rave. This bundle comes with male top, bottoms, shoes, silver hair, and glasses. Not only can you win the synth replicant skin, you can get a matching digital-looking skin for your AUG.

Each spin costs more as you go forward, starting at only 9 diamonds, then 19, and so on. This is ending at the end of the week, so get on this one quick if you want to fit right in with Johnny Silverhand.

Diamond Royale – Avenge Full-Leather

If you’re looking for some high quality skins, the Diamond Royale is always a great place to start. Generally, the Diamond Royale focuses on a specific set but also includes multiple older, high-quality items that can be won. This specific Lucky Royale uses the paid currency, known as Diamonds. 

The current Diamond Royale is going on for another two and a half weeks. The Avenge Full-Leather looks like something right out of a K-Pop music video. Needless to say, it definitely fits the Cyberpunk 2077 vibe that nearly everything this week has. While hard to describe, it feels like both “high-fashion” and “I fell in the clothes hamper” all at the same time.

This bundle includes a female headpiece, torso, legs, shoes, and mask. Currently, the price is 80 Diamonds to get a single spin, but you can get 11 spins for only 800 Diamonds. Keep an eye out as it gets closer to the end as some items are discounted as they’re end their lifespan in Luck Royale.

Gold Royale – Toxic-Lime Python

If Reptile from Mortal Kombat decided to be a Twitch streamer, he’d probably resemble Toxic-Lime Python: underground rave DJ. TLP will come in a nice shade of green for the foreseeable future.

What’s Gold Royale? If you’re not the type to spend real money, the Gold Royale is where you can spend that in-game-earned Gold. If you win this skin, it includes a full male clothing bundle set as the grand prize. Additionally, the other possible prizes include a handful of possible character unlocks, such as Miguel and Nikita.

Just like the Diamond Royale, the Gold Royale includes items other than the featured bundle. However, the chances of getting temporary items are much higher here. Since this one is the free-to-play option, it’s full of more limited-timed items lasting up to a few days to deck yourself out. 

All it takes is 300 Gold for a single spin or 3000 Gold for eleven spins.

This one still has a full month and a half to go, so don’t panic.

Weapon Royale – SVD Swordsman Legends

Where the Diamond Royale focuses on clothing, the Weapon Royale also uses Diamonds, but for (you guessed it) weapons. The SVD Swordsman Legends skin has a violent, violet feel and radiates an aura resembling cherry blossom petals. It rocks a plus to damage and ammo, but hinders the recoil.

Get this great new skin for your SVD before it leaves tonight. Yea, seriously.

You can get a single spin on this Luck Royale for 50 Diamonds, or eleven spins for 500. It’ll end tonight, but another will take its place, so keep an eye out for the next awesome Weapon Royale.

Incubator – Gold Time-Skipper

The Time-Skipper is ready to skip out of 2020 and start fresh in 2021.

While most games are perfectly fine giving a pair of glasses with 2021 in them, Free Fire knows you want to pretend 2020 never happened. This outfit fits the cyberpunk vibe from the other Luck Royale options, but it isn’t afraid to time travel a bit. Not only does this have the flashy Gold option, cool Azure and slick Carbon colors are also options this time around.

Get this Incubator at 60 Diamonds per spin and 270 Diamonds for five spins. This one is still rocking four full weeks left to ring in the new year with it.

While you’re here, check out what this month’s massive patch means for you, then check out Garena Free Fire for iOS, Android, and Google Play.

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