Over 860,000 Free Fire Accounts BANNED Over The Last Two Weeks

When you make a popular multiplayer video game it’s guaranteed to attract not just normal players, but hackers as well. Especially if it’s a free-to-play game that virtually anyone can download on mobile phones around the globe.

Hacking is a real concern for F2P mobile game developers and Garena Free Fire is no exception. In a Facebook post over the weekend, the Singapore-based developer posted an infographic detailing that they’ve had to ban 862,818 user accounts in just the last two weeks alone. They also went a step further and have banned an additional 42,701 accounts for “intentionally” playing with hackers.

That’s over 900,000 accounts in a very short time frame!

Of those accounts, 46% of them were reported by players (which is a huge number) and with a chart that breaks down the reasons for the bans, including glitching through walls (26%) auto-aim hacks (33%, the highest amount), teleporting cheats (30%), using Antennas (3%), and ‘other’ cheating methods (8%) round out the rest of the reasons.

You can see the entire infographic that was posted right here:


At the bottom, you can see the developer has stated that it’s working with “anti-hack experts to develop and upgrade our anti-hack methods, hoping to provide you a better gaming environment,” which is a really good sentiment to see. Notably, Garena seems to be taking a very proactive approach to rooting out hackers rather than purely reacting to reports from players. Ideally, as we see here, you want a developer to be attacking things from both angles. So, kudos to Garena.

In other Free Fire news, lots of promotions are active right now such as the ‘Delicious Candy’ event running from Nov. 8 – Nov. 14, where you can complete missions to earn Candy tokens (that can be exchanged for a bunch of different prizes!


Today you can also earn your very own Dino suit in the Dino Paradise event. You get 1 Draw for 9 diamonds or 5 draws for 40. The suits are honestly quite spectacular, even if they will absolutely make you an easier target on the battlefield.

And don’t forget to download and check out the game for yourself — it’s totally free. You can find it on both iOS and Google Play!

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