Getting BOOYAHs And Taking Names

Are you asking yourself, “Why can’t I get a BOOYAH! each match? Does it feel like other players are TOO good? Hopefully these tips will help you out!


Guns galore litter each map from Bermuda to Kalahari. Each gun has its own pros/cons, but which gun is best for you? Do you go straight for a sword because you like it? Or a mp5? Personally, I love the AUG or the SCAR but others may not. Why? Because it just ‘feels good’ to me. I feel comfortable with the aiming, the rate of fire, the scopes. When choosing your weapon, make sure it fits your needs. 


When you play Free Fire, a pattern always emerges. When 100 players drop onto a map, odds are half of them are unskilled or just starting out. They desperately run to weapons and avoiding crouched or prone positions, making them easy to pick off. This gives you two options: Let the more skilled players pick them off OR peel the weapons you want from their corpses. But remember: Sometimes a high powered gun will take you out no matter how much the person flails around.


To get better at Free Fire, you will have to be skilled in these guns but you don’t have to be skilled in every gun. Only your favorite. Picking up others until you get your favorite will suffice. The problem with that is your general knowledge could be lacking. Take time to practice in the training area with each weapon and learn to use each standard scope that comes with each gun. That will prepare you for a lot more than you realize.


When there are 25 people on the battlefield, you have to start crouching constantly. A quick run between hiding points is fine but crouch walking seems slow but when your footsteps can’t be heard, that is a bigger trade off. At this point, I’d also advise you to watch your map and be patient. The circle is closing in and more skilled players hang out on its fringes, picking off the easy targets. This is when you become cautious. Check your health packs, your armor. Your ammo. When the players dwindle any less, you won’t have time for anything else.


Congratulations, you and four other skilled players are neck an neck to win a BOOYAH. How’s your heart rate? Through the roof? That’s why I told you to be prepared. Prone is your best positioned. Why would you ever crawl from one place to another, though? grass, rocks, fields of wheat, all these things would hide you in prone but it wouldn’t hide you if you were crouching. The best idea l, in my opinion, is to stay in doors. Wait for someone to come to you and ALWAYS stay in the middle of the circle. In fact, stay in the middle of the circle in the beginning of the game. Because later on, you may not pay attention to it later. 

  Your ammo? Should be high. All your attachments? Should be on. Your backpack? Filled. At this point, you should not be looting and shooting. You should be patiently waiting to pounce like a lion on its unsuspecting prey.

Now you won’t always reach a BOOYAH and that’s perfectly ok. Don’t stress! One BOOYAH in a match of even 5 games is fine! It’s all about learning leading, and conquering.

Good luck and hope to see you on the battlefield!

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