Garena and Free Fire India Announce Two Major Tournaments Happening On BOOYAH! Platform

Recently, the makers of Free Fire and Free Fire India announced two online tournaments happening in November through their BOOYAH! Channel

The first, Streamer Kombat 5.0, occurred TODAY, November 18th, between 3 pm and 5:30 pm (India Standard Time). This tournament saw 24 of the best known Free Fire streamers (comprised of 20 BOOYAH! streamers and 4 steamers from the Free Fire partner program) fighting each other (in classic battle royale mode) for fame and glory. With six back-to-back squad matches, 1st place will win 12,500 diamonds, 2nd wins 7,500, and 3rd walks away with 5000.

The grand finals were cast by Aura Gaming and Total Gaming (India’s largest streaming Free Fire channel, clocking in with nearly 16 million subscribers), and those who tuned in to the BOOYAH! India Official channel stood to win some pretty sweet item drops like 10,000 diamonds, 150 Scorching Sands Weapon Loot Crates (15,000-viewer milestone), and 20 character drops of K (at 25,000-viewers).

The BOOYAH! Cup, the channel’s first official eSports event, will take place from November 23 to 26. The tournament will start with 24 of the best Free Fire teams in India (among them, Total Gaming eSports and CRX-Elite) going through two qualifiers and one set of play-ins before being whittled down to 12 who will then play for a prize pool of 1,00,000 (INR), with 1st place taking home 60,000, 2nd place winning 30,000, and 3rd taking home 10,000.

Viewers who tune into BOOYAH! India during the tournament can win item drops such as 30,000 diamonds and 500 Gun Crates.

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