Luck Royale For The Week of 11/12/2020

While many people would head over to the shop for gear and upgrades, there is another option. With luck of the draw, you can find some great, unique items and skins. Each week, different aspects of Luck Royale are traded out and while some last much longer than others, each one is unique and still offers options for the in-game currency, gold.

This week we’ll be checking out what the week of November 12th, 2020 brings us.

(If you’re a fan of Devil May Cry, you’re gonna love this.)

Faded Wheel Luck Royale – Beast-Arm Mutant

The Faded Wheel is a simple wheel of fortune game, which starts by removing two items from the list that you can do without. Not looking for that particular weapon loot crate? No problem. Remove that, one other thing, then go for the gold (items). If you’re familiar with the Devil May Cry series, the currently featured skin looks like Dante and Nero were cloned and the Beast-Arm Mutant will please DMC fans. This bundle comes with the top, bottoms, shoes, head/hair, and face paint.

You’ll also find the Lightning Panda Deluxe Bundle in here, giving you a pretty fresh looking Panda pet.

Look, proof!

Each spin costs more as you go forward, starting at 9 diamonds, then 19, and so on. I won the Beast-Arm Mutant on my very first 9 Diamond spin. Seriously AWESOME!

Diamond Royale – Beast-Arm Clone

If you’re looking for some high quality skins, the Diamond Royale is always a great place to start. Generally, the Diamond Royale focuses on a specific set but will include multiple older, high-quality items that can be won. This specific Royale uses the paid currency, known as Diamonds. 

The current Diamond Royale is going on nearly another month, as is the Beast-Arm Clone. The Beast-Arm Mutant isn’t quite the gender you’re looking for? The Clone is the female version of the skin, complete with a bad-ass glowing arm. Just like the Mutant, this skin seems slightly akin to games like Devil May Cry. The bundle includes a headpiece, torso, legs, shoes, and make up. Currently, the price is 80 Diamonds to get a single spin, but you can get 11 spins for only 800 Diamonds.

Once it gets closer to ending, the price may be discounted. So, keep an eye and your Beast-Arm out!

Gold Royale – Blue Blaster

If you’re not the type to spend real money, the Gold Royale is where you can spend that in-game Gold. Currently a rugby-inspired outfit for both male and female avatars with the Blue Blaster, this Royale also includes a full clothing bundle set as the grand prize. Other possible prizes include a handful of possible character unlocks, such as Miguel and Nikita.

Just like the Diamond Royale, the Gold Royale includes items other than the featured bundle but the chances of getting temporary items are much higher here. Since this one is the free-to-play option, it’s full of more limited-timed items lasting up to a few days to deck yourself out in something cool for a little bit. But go for the top item with Blue Blaster!

All it takes is 300 Gold for a single spin, or 3000 for eleven spins. There’s still well over three weeks but as it gets closer to ending, the price may be discounted!

Weapon Royale – UMP45 Wilderness Hunter

Where the Diamond Royale focuses on clothing, Weapon Royale uses Diamonds for (you guessed it) weapons. This UMP45 Wilderness Hunter skin looks like something Kraven the Hunter would use! While it seems to potentially be on fire as well, the tiger skin motif is ferocious (which rocks a plus to penetration and fire rate but hinders the reload speed). Get this great new skin for your UMP45 before it’s gone after this weekend.

You can get a single spin on this Luck Royale for 50 Diamonds, or eleven for 500. Keep an eye out later in the week for potential discounts on spins, which sometimes happens just before the Luck Royale ends.

Incubator – Evil Pumpkin

You can find the Incubator for the Evil Pumpkin blueprints for just a little bit longer as of this posting.

This is a skin color for weapons with a crimson red look and a definite Halloween vibe going on: with a little candy corn tank, witch’s hat, and a dark shadow vortex coming from it. Normally, you’d get this Incubator at 60 Diamonds per spin and 270 Diamonds for five spins. But with just a day left, those numbers drop to 40 Diamonds for one and 180 for five. Get it before it’s gone!

While you’re here, check out some awesome tips on getting better at the game. Additionally, you can see that nearly 900,000 accounts were banned for hacking recently. Then, check out Garena Free Fire yourself by downloading the game and getting started.

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