What is “Operation Cutcord”?

Hackers are a pain in the butt for any game, let alone Free Fire. If anyone has ever ran into a ‘bullet sponge’ or someone who seemed to know EXACTLY where you were at all times, odds are you’ve run into a hacker. So, we are going to do a deep dive on Operation Cutcord and talk about what the Devs of this amazing game are doing to combat cheaters, making sure that you, the player, are having the best time you have ever had, while also keeping it fair and fun.


How do you stop a hacker from playing your game? By creating mechanisms that detect suspicious access, enacting a block before the hacker can jump into a match. This is huge because roughly 80% of hackers are stopped before they can even load into a match. This is only 80% though, so the dev teams also created ways to monitor player behaviors, so that no mischief can even happen. But, this doesn’t always stop hackers. There is still more ways though!


As more players flock to play Free Fire and veteran players go from decent to great, there will always be haters. Some sore losers get so upset they wrongly report players. Garena Developers work tirelessly with industry elites in Anti Hack efforts: cross-checking reports with actual evidence of hacking before anything is permissible or inexcusable. Of course people can write malicious reports, request bans, and/or have a great winning streak. Garena won’t outright ban you and that’s because proof, cross-checking and independent experts review and decide independently if a player is to be banned. EVERY ban is the right decision. No matter what the player argument may be. But Garena can’t do everything by itself!

(This is where you wonderful players fit in!)


You as a player have opportunities to report legitimate cheaters. After each “death”, you can give a player a thumbs up, add him/her as a friend or report the player. There are tons of requests involving cheaters each day and each request is 100% checked, cross referenced and (with proof) the reported player will be banned. It is a lot of work, though, so as diligent as the Garena Dev Team are, each report takes time. When a cheater is banned, the reporter receives an email that the ban was successful.

Some concerns have been made though. One of the new modes, Clash Squad, there have been a lot of reports and the emails haven’t been as smooth. The Devs apologized for this and a new update/patch has been made so that reporting either teammates or cheating opponents is now smoother.


Before the new servers started the OB24 update, the old way of kicking hackers was the server recognized the player found cheating, then ban the player after the match. When the hacker restarts Free Fire app with the new Anti-Hack system in place, the detected cheater will be kicked from the match and account banned immediately.

With all these efforts put into place to keep hackers out, Garena Free Fire is doing their best to make sure each and every gamer’s experience is a great one. You can help the process along as Free Fire takes over the world one person at a time, and you can expect the game to only get better and better.

I hope this has been helpful! To know that the devs have you, the player’s best interests at heart, to me is relaxing. With all this knowledge, I hope everyone has a great time.

Hope to see you on the battlefield!

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