Free Fire Progress Journal: Deadly Escapades

Who’s a magical girl with a robot dog and white hair? ChromaSparx, that’s who! It’s your friendly neighborhood newbie, back again with her latest exploits and has decided for the foreseeable future that she’s going to give team death matches a try! No more Booyahs for the time being. It’s time to support and be supported by a team: kill or be killed.

For most of my recent exploits, I’ve skipped out on trying to do everything for myself. I’ve begun focusing on doing things for the greater good and in a way, that’s been far more fulfilling. And what did I find? I’m totally awful at it. I might be able to clean house in games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, but I’m absolutely awful everywhere else. My first few matches were pretty fruitless. I’m far more useful when I’m scurrying around a map where everyone is spread out and being forced to eventually converge on each other.

But that kind of challenge is what I’ve been looking for. Too often I’ve been able to secure victories in Booyah land, ever since I started the game, all usually without having to change my strategy too much. Playing on a smaller screen as well as using on-screen controls has forced me to abandon my typical approach of running in guns blazing to actually coordinating with a team who wasn’t trying to communicate with me. As it happens, that’s actually hard to do. But eventually, I think we learned a little from each other. My teammates began flanking me for a triple-threat on the enemy, and little by little we stacked a few kills, even though ultimately victory was out of reach that day.

We learned wordlessly to start heading to specific places and to watch each other’s backs. It’s more than I can say from other multiplayer games. My delving into team death matches really gave me the opportunity to understand my teammates beyond just assuming they were all out for themselves, which is something I would definitely normally think. Gathering at different points to conquer some super frustrating snipers felt extremely rewarding.

Each enemy that I downed felt like a victory for all of us. It was far easier to feel like I was a bigger part of, well, something with each team game concluded. I’ve been approaching the game thus far like a lone wolf, but maybe my true calling (even though I’m not particularly great at it this second) is working with others to simple eliminate targets. And if so, I’m definitely in this for the long haul. I’m not saying I’m ready to give up my Booyahs and hitting the map solo or anything like that. But I do think there’s something here I should pursue.

So with that, ChromaSparx is signing off with a newfound appreciation for gaming with teams and making sure we get in all the important teamwork we possibly can. I’m not sure when I want to go back to the battle royale and the empty horizon stretched out before me. Right now I think I want to search for victories that require us all to work together.

What are your favorite Free Fire game modes? Be sure to tell us in the comments below!

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