Free Fire X Money Heist: What You Need To Know

Money Heist came out in 2017. When it did, it took Mexico by storm, winning several awards and critically acclaimed by everyone. So what does this have to do with Free Fire? You could say that Free Fire has taken the world by storm as well! With over eighty million users worldwide, Garena Free Fire has garnered a massive success, competing with the like of other battle Royale games for mobile dominance.

Some of the things you will get.

So what does that mean? Big changes! New skins, new snowboard effects, new event on Bermuda (where you plan for a bank heist) and more! Yes, A BANK HEIST! So how will the Money Heist mode work?

This new event has 4v4 game mode and a Money Heist mode. This mode will be all about area control and you’ll need to print as much money as possible by capturing printing presses that are scattered all around the map; defending them from opponents out to steal them for themselves to make their OWN money. Once the fixed amount of money has been reached, players must then deposit it in a vault, with the team with the most money banked the winner. *There’s special tokens that help speed up the printing.

This month! Personally, I think this will be huge; I’m already addicted to the show and hearing this crossover will bring so much more to Free Fire, I know it’ll (happily) suck my life away!

How excited are you? Let us know in the comments!

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