Free Fire Progress Journal: Trippin’ Out

As it turns out, staying home every day during the coronavirus pandemic is pretty awful. Though there’s still plenty of work to do, that doesn’t keep me from sneaking in more sessions of Free Fire each day. And I feel like I’ve come a long way from where I started. Back then, little ChromaSparx had a lot of learning to do. The game was more in its infancy than anything else, and everyone was still coming together to make it feel as though it was truly a battle royale that could grow to compete with the big boys.

So for one of my most recent games, I felt like taking in all the wonders that had occurred since I started playing. There have been so many fantastic events, augments to the game, and partnerships that it really makes my head spin. I decided to really walk around and try to explore, much like I did before I started focusing so much on stacking Booyahs. And you know what? I decided that playing without any real goal in mind, just walking around and checking things out, actually benefited me more than straight up sliding through with the intent to take other players out.

And with this philosophy in mind, maybe it was fitting that I happened upon some mushrooms right near the beginning of my game, because I was “mellow” and ready to “expand my mind” (in-game, of course!). This find, right out of the drop, helped save me from certain destruction until I could get to some weapons that I could work with.

Then it was time to just have a stroll to explore the nooks and crannies of the map. I vowed not to shoot at anyone first until there had been plenty of other kills made, and that turned my match into a whole new experience. Call me weird or crazy, but Free Fire really is a different game if you’re not constantly worried about dying. And while I wasn’t worried, I still had to rack up some points.

Getting a chance to take in all the details was actually pretty entertaining, but then I found myself peppered with bullets. Normally, I’d just turn around and find my assailant and go in guns blazing. But since I felt like doing more exploration and trying new things, I decided to try a different approach to eliminating whomever thought they were being slick enough to chase me into a building and snipe at me while I was checking out some of the tables and decor. I thought I’d just do nothing while everyone else continued to pick each other off.

There was a cart outside the door, so I decided to go hop into the vehicle and get far enough away that no one could bother me. I was cruising along, minding my own business, and then I was assailed by a hale of gunfire. It didn’t take much to get me to start “trippin'” out of anger – and I decided to reverse the cart instead of jumping out of it and run right into that player, knocking them away from me and into the sweet arms of death itself. From then on, I wasn’t about to explore anymore. I was out for blood.

After that, I decided there’d be no more Ms. Nice ChromaSparx, and decided to jump back into the role I had been meant to play since I started this crazy journey through Free Fire: murderous psychopath, apparently. I gunned my way through the remaining players until only a couple of others remained – and I ended up taking the fall.

It was probably my own hubris that lead me there, but it felt good to settle back in and try to go for the Booyah again. The next time I try to jump in and just smell the roses, maybe no one will try jump out in front of me while I’m exploring with a golf cart. Because you know what’s going to have to happen to them, don’t you?

What experiences have you had while exploring? Tell us where in the comments!

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