BOOYAH DAY happened and there’s a bunch of changes!


Two new guns have been added. The first one, the PARAFAL which is an AR con. Your aim is key in this weapon because even though you do heavy damage, the fire rate is low

The second gun is a flamethrower that does damage continuously as long as your pressing the fore button. Right now, though, it is only available in the newly revamped Training Mode.

What else is new?


M14-Using the Rage Core, the fire rate has been merged. The minimum damage has been reduced a bit and the maximum

P90– The fire Rate and accuracy has been improved.

Glider- The Highest you could go on the glider has been reduced. No more flying high above the competition.

Scanner– Detecting vehicles now. This is huge!

Plasma-The accuracy has been tweaked and is now better.

Grenades- ‘Cooking’ them is now a thing! Hold onto the explosive for a more strategic effect, blowing the competition away.


Jai has some skills!

JAI– Changes include recharging his ammo more after each enemy knock down. Recharging up to fourth five percent of his magazine at the highest skill and activate his passive with shotguns.

All these modes! So much to choose from!


Classic has a new ranked mode, and Clash Squads too. This means rewards for all at the end of this season and leader boards to follow and fight to the top. If you hit Gold Three at least, you’ll get a gold FAMAS. That’s cool!


Relaxing at Training Grounds

Smaller changes include: new spawn island, target practice mini game, movie theater, new weapons screen, and UI now can be stored in the Free Fire Cloud (which means if you delete the game, you won’t have to change everything back to the way you customized it when you redownload your favorite game)!

Don’t cook the grenade too long, you’ll fry yourself.

I love the idea of cooking a grenade and that the scanner now picks up vehicles, these small changes and more are showing that Garena Free Fire is still in its prime, and destined to take the world by storm.

That’s it from me. I hope to see you on the battlefield!

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BOOYAH DAY happened and there's a bunch of changes! GUNS GALORE! Two new guns have...

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