Age of Gold Luck Royale – Week of 8/10/2020

You can always find some cool, unique items in the Luck Royale within Garena Free Fire. Week to week you can obtain new gear, special skins, and entire character cosmetics. Some sections use the paid currency (diamonds) but there are multiple chances to get things using the in-game currency (gold). Speaking of “Gold”, that’s the theme going on this week in Luck Royale with the Age of Gold.

Let’s see what the week of August 10th, 2020 brings us. Unlike the saying, know that all that glitters really is gold here!

Age of Gold – Faded Wheel

Starting off the list from top-down is a special longer-term wheel game called Faded Wheel. This Age of Gold theme offers the Age of Gold Bundle or the Mystic Seeker SPAS12 as the top prizes. In addition, you can earn the Kitty pet and Meow Princess skin for it. You start off by choosing two of the prizes to remove from the possible pool, which is nice if you don’t care about certain things. Every time you spin the wheel, the cost gets significantly higher. But as a starting point of 9 Diamonds, it’s worth giving at least a first spin a go. The first spin we got, we earned the Meow Princess Kitty skin and then the Wiggle Walk emote. So give it a spin for the next month and a half!

Diamond Royale

The Era of Gold is the grand prize of the current Luck Royale. Where the Age of Gold was a male skin that focused on a gold ninja look, the Era of Gold is a female skin doing just the same. This set is clothing a full clothing bundle, including head, torso, legs, and feet. Of course, that isn’t your only potential prize. As with some previous Diamond Royales, the prize list includes the Funfair Hare clothes, space suits, and much more.

You can hit this one up for one spin at 80 Diamonds, or get eleven spins for only 800. This one’s going on for another 27 days since the beginning of the week, so you’ll have time to hit it up a few times.

Gold Royale

Ironically, the grand prize of the Gold Royale has nothing to do with the Gold theme going on in other Luck Royales. This one’s grand prize is the Navy Girl outfit. Unsurprisingly with a name like this, it’s a female clothing bundle.

If you’re not the type to spend money, the Gold Royale is where you can spend that in-game-earned Gold. Just like the Diamond Royale, the Gold Royale lasts for 17 more days before it changes over. The Imperial Corps is the current bundle you can potentially win. Since this one is the free-to-play option, it’s full of more limited-timed items lasting up to a few days to deck yourself out in something cool for a little bit.

All it takes is 300 Gold for a single spin or 3000 for eleven spins. 

Weapon Royale

Where the Diamond Royale focuses on clothing, the Weapon Royale uses Diamonds as well, but for (you guessed it) weapons. From the beginning of the week, the Groza – Great Plunder weapon skin has another 8 days. Once it rolls over, it’ll start a new specialty weapon skin. 

You can get a single spin on this Luck Royale for 50 Diamonds, or eleven for only 500.


The Incubator includes blueprints that you can earn for the M1014 – Apocalyptic colors. It’s fire and a must-have for anyone looking to bring the heat. It’s got another five days left from the start of the week, so it’ll be gone by the end. However, the cost has gone down as a last-ditch effort to grab it. Get one spin for 40 Diamonds, instead of the usual 60, and five spins for only 180, down from the usual 270. 

While you’re here, we know you like GOLD, so here are some awesome tips on how to score some for free.

If you haven’t checked out the game, Garena Free Fire is free to download and play on mobile devices.

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