Free Fire Luck Royale (And A “Gacha”)

You can’t have a free-to-play game without a ton of ways to obtain special items, skins, and gear. In Garena Free Fire, one of the ways you can find really cool accessories and skins is via the Luck Royale system. This serves as the game’s gacha system. 

Luck Royale Be a Lady

Think of the Luck Royale as the gachapon portion of the game. If you’re new to free to play games or the terminology at all, here’s a rundown. Gachapon (or “gacha” for short) is a term used for capsule machines. You know, the ones with little toys in them that you put a quarter or fifty cents and get a little capsule ball with the toy or candy. In free to play games, this term is co-opted but essentially means the same thing. You get a random item on a list of potential items after paying a small amount. Sometimes, in Free Fire, it could be a limited timed item that’ll vanish after so long. Sometimes, however, it’ll be a permanent unlock that will stay.

In addition, you can obtain bonus rewards from opening multiple Diamond, Gold, or Weapon Royales. At a single opening, five, ten, twenty-five, and fifty openings, you’ll earn special prizes. In addition, your chance of getting the grand prize goes up with each opening. Eventually, it’ll reset when you get that Grand Prize (the featured item). 

While there’s a ton to look at in the Luck Royale, this all can be broken down pretty easily into multiple categories. But, they all work pretty similarly, just with some minor key differences.

Diamond Royale

The Diamond Royale revolves more often than many of the others, offering several possible skins for the paid currency, Diamonds. A single spin on their internal wheel costs 80 Diamonds (the equivalent of roughly 80 cents USD). Luckily, you can earn tickets sometimes for a free spin. If you plan to buy a bunch in a row, there is another option. Consider just spending the 800 Diamonds and get 11 spins for the price of 10 (around 8 dollars USD). Since this focuses on costumes, it’s all about aesthetics and doesn’t help your play at all.

Gold Royale

Where the Diamond Royale focuses on the paid currency, Gold Royale utilizes the in-game currency, Gold. Instead of using Diamonds to pay for the spins, 300 Gold will do the trick. You can earn gold by playing the game, opening freebies given for logging in, or from other gacha offerings. This Luck Royale option tends to last a much longer time than the others. This gives people a chance to unlock that grand prize.

Weapon Royale

Where the Diamond Royale focuses on skins and costumes, the Weapon Royale costs a good amount less. This one spins at 50 Diamonds (around 50 cents USD) and completely focuses itself on the weapon skins. Where the Diamond Royale only focuses on aesthetics, skins on weapons actually can affect features like clip size, rate of fire, and range. Just like Diamond and Gold Royale, you can earn bonus rewards for spinning, as well as free tickets to spin that are occasionally handed out in various ways.


The Incubator is different than the previous three options. This one shows a wheel of fortune-like offering and giving blueprints as their best prizes. This one needs 60 Diamonds (around 60 cents USD) and can be bought in bulk spins five at a time, with a chance to get free spins with a ticket. You can merge blueprints with specific items like Evolution Stones (also winnable here) to create full outfits that are themed weekly. You know you’ve clicked on the Incubator because a mini cutscene will play before you get to it to show off the featured costumes.

Other Gacha

Occasionally, other gacha will be available for a limited time. For instance, as of this writing, Rampage Luck Royale and Clu Luck Royale were available. Clu Luck Royale is to earn the character Clu, her deluxe bundle, and various other full costumes, as well as the same with the character Wolfrahh.

The Rampage  Luck Royale, on the other hand, gives the potential to get individual clothing items, while featuring the entire Venom Touch outfit and Hunger Strike outfit.

In the end, it all boils down to different gacha machines that offer different items. Where different characters offer different skills and gun skins may increase your aim or range, the game itself is entirely free to play. If you have not yet tried Garena Free Fire, check it out here. If you’re new to the game and want to learn what gear is your best friend, check out our article on that.

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