Welcome To Bermuda: Part Two

If you’re falling from an airplane into a death trap for an island like I am, you can agree that any help is beneficial. These deep dives into each area of Bermuda are written for players like you that need that extra push to rise to the top!

Let’s jump in!


Situated by the river that flows into a dam fed through the other side of the island, Riverside is a quaint two story house with a wall around it with a truck right outside for the taking. This house doesn’t have much but there are things you may need like a shotgun, med kit, backpack, scope, hand gun, baseball bat, and fore grip. Right outside but a main road, is a wooden house where you can find armaments like SMGS, rifles, shotguns, and MP5s.

Pro Tip: Riverside May be quaint, but it’s close to another section. People will come and out, scavenging for items so keeping a low profile is key. Going to the second floor or a building and going out if it’s balcony will not only give you the high ground but a better view of other incoming players.


Cresting over the hill to give a view of the Mill.

Over the hill from Riverside are two commercial warehouses, shipping crates, small, one floor buildings, and a Tuk-tuk to drive around in. The Mill packs tons of ammo, guns, health kits, and weapon upgrades. It also boasts two getaway points as a main road runs right by the mill; good luck getting the tuk-tuk as the Mill is often filled with looters out for blood.

Pro Tip: Never stay in one place in The Mill. Grab and go as fast as you can. Crates and boxes line the inside of these massive warehouses, giving you cover when under fire but there’s exploding barrels everywhere that’ll blow you out of cover and get you killed. Grab and Go!


Feeling on top of the world? You should. Located on the highest part of the map, Peak is lined with multi-floored, massive buildings, perfect to camp out and take a breather. Houses encircle the area drenched in weapons, ammo, med kits, backpacks, and more. Having the high ground isn’t a mere phrase. More ammo, med kits, weapons, and upgrades fill each massive house to the brim.

It’s no wonder Peak is one of the more popular areas!

Pro Tip: Although each house is a treasure trove of goodies to each player, Peak’s houses provide ZERO cover. There’s enemies everywhere, between each massive houses are either fences or brick walls. And if you think getting through there is the end of your problems, but as parachute down to the top of Peak, the way down is even more deadly. Stay low and keep your head on a swivel. Buildings line the descent and are filled with weapons too. Be careful. From Peak, the only way is down.


Neuclear Fusion will be the least of your worries here on the strip.

With a hill on the right and nuclear power plant on the left, Bimasakti Strip is not your little hick town. The guard tower doesn’t have much goodies (save for shotgun and some ammo), but the view is nice. As the name suggests, the Strip is a dirt road that cuts the town in two. More single level houses line the left side than the right and from the guard tower, you can see almost everything. Inside the houses, the ammo and weapons are as scarce as the furniture but the enemies are plenty. I took out five before someone shot me in the back.


Pro Tip: The guard tower is the best when you need a rest and want to get a little sniper action. Enemies will ‘line up’ for you unknowingly. Make sure you have a 2X scope at least because it’s unlikely you’ll find one here.


That’s a nice bridge

While it’s name is a bit of a tongue twister, Katulistiwa will get you killed if you find yourself paying more attention to the name than this part of the map. Inside, each house has some sparsely placed ammo, backpacks, shotguns, and SMGs. While most are one level houses, there is one two story house and almost all of the houses have tires on the roof, but no ammo. Though it’s not popular, Kat is well armed.


Pro Tip: Making a quick getaway means you ‘get to fight another day’, and running to the rooftop (where tires on the roof of each house act as trampolines, bouncing you among the rooftops (where you’ll feel like you’re in a sidescroller) is a smart choice in this case. Be careful you don’t go in the loop, because if there’s an enemy following you, they’ll only have to wait a few moments before you circle back.


plantations small but lovely from the air

Living on a farm with wheat fields and a river between two dams is nice! The house below me in this photo above is two floors: first floor has a shotgun, ammo, and vest; second floor has another shotgun, ammo, and plasma gun. The rest of the houses on the plantation doesn’t yield much in cover, gear, or weapons, so the best idea is to grab the plasma gun and run. Plantation is in between three popular areas, so everyone will use Plantation as a segue from one area to another. There is a repair kit and a SKS in one house so if you want it, go get it.

PLASMA GUN is the only good thing on Plantation

Pro Tip: There is only one gun here that maybe worth your time on second floor of the barn: the plasma gun. Other than that, I suggest you run. There is no other reason to be at plantation in my book. With the high traffic by three different hot spots (Katulistiwa, Bimasakti Strip, and Graveyard) there isn’t a better war zone than Plantation.

“You can’t see me”

THAT IS IT FOR PART TWO! I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you can stay for part three when I dive into the remaining areas on Bermuda!

If you’d like to reacquaint yourself with Part One, go for it!!

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