Welcome To Bermuda: Part Three

In this final installment, we look at the rest of Bermuda!


Do these look too big?

If you’re wondering who runs this island, you found it. This power plant is armed to the teeth with rifles, machine guns, med kits, and more. Those containment vessels have some good cover options if you need to hide, but as it’s only one floor, you’ll most likely run into others with the same idea. The warehouses nearby on the other hand have shipping crates, boxes, and strapped packages to hide behind but again, it’s hot spot for other players because of the immense variety of weaponry. You have to be careful here BUT just by picking up a scoped weapon that this part of the map offers you, you should be skilled enough to take them out

Just driving through

Pro Tip: This area is HUGE, boasting two massive power plants, warehouses, and smaller buildings that line the perimeter. It’s a treasure trove of guns and ammo that it feels like landing in a candy store, but, it’s smarter to land nearby and pick up some weapons to defend yourself first, THEN run in on foot to collect the goodies.


At the end of the bridge, waiting for the car I saw to come this way

A massive island with two bridges, four ziplines connecting to Bermuda, and the loot to boot, Sentosa has tons of structures to go in and out of. While mostly filled with shotguns, SMGs, and ammo, there were no sniper rifles to be found despite seeing a scopes. If you’re brave enough to dig deeper into the buildings, the more you’ll find. With vehicles lining the roads, ziplines allowing access to the mainland, both bridges lined with weapons; I’d say Sentosa was a rebel base.

Pro Tip: Everything you need is here. The only issue is it’s so far out, 8 out of 10 times you’ll be left out of the safe zone, so make sure you time to grab what you need and make your trek back to Bermuda, by zipline, car, or on foot. And keep an eye out for others: this hot spot can be tagged to have tons of loot, drawing players from all over.


Driving Through Kota Tua

More of a small outpost, a few buildings with nothing much in it and a giant electrical tower overhead. Blink and you’ll miss it. Most buildings are run down or blown up, with disintegrating cars parked next to them. Two zip lines guide players from Kota Tua to the fringes of Peak, the main area where loot is never meager. A main road speeds right through so there is always more than one get away here. A watch tower at the end leads to great sniping advantages.

Life saving ziplines

Pro Tip: Traveling through here won’t bring you an advantage. The ziplines are a plus so if under heavy fire when moving from destination to destination, remember the ziplines are on EACH SIDE of Kota Tua and NOT in the middle. If you want some respite, hide out in one of the two standing buildings or the lookout tower; avoid destroyed buildings, unless you want to get killed.


All hands on deck!

Swaying palm trees, stilted houses, beautiful blue ankle deep water…what more could you want? Located right on the edge of Bermuda, Rim Nam is essentially an island unto itself. A hill overlooks the winding platforms that line the shore with a small river cutting through the location. And as you leave the village, you won’t be leaving here with just your ankles wet. The massive houses at the top of the hill and base are littered with machine guns, rifles with scope attachments, backpacks (with health packs). Traversing the walkways will get you upgraded helmets, vests, ammo, and more supplies. Points of cover include boats and dropping down under the walkways to dodge gun fire. Underneath the walkway, you can high tail it or come up on the other side of your enemy, taking them out. See a player in the distance? There are 2X scopes you can pick up to take them out.

When you leave Rim Nam Village you won’t be let down, unless your face is in the water.


Pro Tip: Little houses are good cover and have good items. Being patient and hiding is a good idea. Another player won’t spot you and if they’re on the run, they won’t easily find you. Jumping underneath the walkways and creeping up a set of steps on the other side of the area can be a good idea for a stealthy approach.

Rim Nam is beautiful but deadly. Make sure you’re the one on top.


Leaving the mansion

A small segue off the beaten path (found literally right next to The Factory) there are only a few buildings in the area, but there’s a massive mansion with two smaller buildings that make up the compound, complete with walls on all sides. Keraton seems like a hideaway as the players run from The Factory. Here you’ll find weapons on the second floor, sections to hide behind, and a vehicle to hop in and drive away (if and when needed).

Gotta pose a bit

Pro Tip: The mansion seems empty if you don’t run up the stairs. There are no weapons, ammo, bags, or anything else. Going up to the second floor is scary but there are good guns with scopes up top and to the right. There’s guns on the left side, too, but I suggest you hit the right side first.

And if you must, jumping out the window won’t give you fall damage.


Dropping in!

Also closely located next to The Factory, Pochinok’s massive looking three story building is actually only one floor, where you can find a gloo wall grenade and ammo. The two story house nearby has most of the weapons, ammo, and tires that let you bounce from roof to roof. However, you’ll have no down but jump (which does cause fall damage) so prepare a med kit. Running through the areas, it felt like a dusty old western movie. Barrels and tires litter the area, letting you get a better vantage point.

Doing the matrix! Haha! Actually no, I’m dead.

Pro Tip: Just because Pochinok has an old western quality feel doesn’t mean you should stand in the streets waiting for a duel. The Factory is a hot spot and your enemies come armed to the teeth, so it’s best to stay either inside one of the buildings or rooftop, either crouched or prone. If the ring is closing or you need to make a getaway, there’s a Tuk-Tuk in one of the garages. If not, you’ll be flat on your back, like I was.

Congratulations! You now have a fighting chance in Bermuda! Weapons, vests, backpacks, and ammo may change BUT places to hide will not! Hope you can pull off a few more BOOYAHs after reading this!!

And remember: Consult parts One and Two whenever you need to double check where you want to go!

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