Vengeance Day Coming July 25th

Originally planned as an in-game event for the FFCC 2020, Vengeance Day has now been released as a standalone event for players to enjoy AND win event-exclusive prizes, including costumes, parachute skins, loot boxes, and more! A new game mode, ‘Grim Reaper’, will also be available on the event’s peak day THIS Friday, July 25.


JULY 17 – JULY 29

Vengeance Special Interface
Exchange Altar = Token Milestone Gacha Interface
Soul Gathering = Web Event Entrance
Vengeance Missions = Event Tab (Link to Normal Event Tab)
Grim Reaper = New Mode Entrance

Summon Death
(Located inside the Exchange Altar tab in the Vengeance Special Interface Release)

1. Collect in-game Soul Token to spin (either 1 or 10 times)
2. Players will get 1 – 3 scores accumulated in the milestone and a small reward with each spin
3. The milestone has 3 stages with each stage’s reward
4. After reached the last milestone, users can still spin and receive the small reward

Milestones and Rewards:
1st = Death’s Ride
2nd = Death Incoming
3rd = Master of Death Bundle
*Be sure to check out the default interface settings in the [Interface Setting] tab

Blue Soul Orb – Map Drop

Blue Soul Orb randomly spawns throughout the map, so keep a lookout for it.
Token amount per match: 150
*Average token output = 3 per player per match

Vengeance’s Throne
Players have ONE job to complete the mission: Sit on the throne.

Missions and Rewards:
Sit 1 time:
1x Death’s Revenge (In-game Bonus)
+ Master of Death (Head) (3 Days)
Sit 3 times: Master of Death (Shoes) (3 Days)
+ Master of Death (Mask) (3 Days)
Sit 5 times: Master of Death (Bottom) (3 Days)
+ Master of Death (Top) (3 Days)

JULY 21 – JULY 29

Soul Gathering Web Event

Invite your friends to and do the daily missions together to get the the web tokens and win rewards and when your friends finish the missions, you’ll get extra tokens (must claim daily). You can still do the missions on your own but it’s always fun with friends, right?
Points can be used to exchange items in the store.

Main Rewards:
Death’s Loot, Death is coming, and Death

JULY 25 – JULY 26

Vengeance Day (ONE DAY ONLY):

Earn the Bloody Heart Grenade, 50x Blue Soul Orbs, AND score 3X EXP/Gold/Frag (daily limit is also tripled).

JULY 25 – JULY 29

Pink Soul Orb – Dead Box Drop/Exchange

Pink Soul Orb appears in dead box – 1 token each (no daily limit)

Exchange Amounts and Rewards:
20 tokens = Death’s Coming (Top)
15 tokens = Death’s Coming (Bottom)
6 tokens = Death’s Revenge (Limit of 10)
3 tokens = Bounty Token (Limit of 99)



– 10 players FFA (Free For All)
– Gametime is around 8 min
– Players will spawn randomly on the map and choose their weapon from 1 of the 4 presets.
– Souls will drop when players defeat others
– Players will collect soul to gather energy to transform into the grim reaper
– The grim reaper will have increased move speed, increased damage, and no fall damage
The grim reaper can only attack with the scythe
– The grim reaper will lose energy upon taking damage. Once the energy reaches 0, the player transform back to normal

OMG ALL THE STUFFS! If you’re already playing, GET THERE AND GET STUFF! If you’re new to the game, DON’T PANIC: this is a GREAT way to start!

Free Fire is available for iOS and Google Play, so if you want in on all this action, get there!

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