Rampage II: Uprising Elite Pass Drops July 4th

The future of the world in Free Fire, the world’s most popular mobile battle royale game, hangs in the balance as the Bringers and the Liberi fight for their beliefs in the title’s latest Elite Pass (EP), Rampage II: Uprising.

Survivors need to pledge their allegiance to one side via a special in-game interface and prove their loyalty by completing missions to earn Carnage Points to help decide the fate of these two war-torn groups. Free Fire’s exclusive Rampage II: Uprising continues the unique player-focused festival that started with Rampage, which ended up being Free Fire’s most well-received and consequential event to date based on player feedback.

This time, the Bringers are at odds with their one-time apprentices, the Liberi, as they continue to quarrel about their different beliefs on how best to rid the world of evil, and it’s up to Survivors to choose which direction their futures will take. Survivors can then fight for their side in Versus mode to win exclusive Rampage collections, including the Famine Felon bundle, a series of M1014-Apocalyptic legendary weapon skins, Bringers and Liberi pins (both of which are
new decoration items that can be placed on a player’s avatar), and much more!

“When we (narrative designers) decided to expand the Rampage universe to include an entirely new event, we were met with one big narrative decision to settle’,‘This challenge resulted in four new characters: Morana (death), Odin (war), Cyan (plague), and Bitez (famine) becoming the Liberi and the apprentices of Dee (death), Tyrian (war), Ivy (plague), and Munch (famine), a.k.a. the ‘Bringers of Change.’

From there, we started working not only on character development but also in developing this chaotic world they all find themselves in. The last bit of the puzzle was integrating this incredible story into an in-game event that rewards players with choosing how the story unfolds, and of course, plenty of in-game loot!”

Rampage II: Uprising features several pre-hype, Peak Day, and post-hype events Survivors can take part in to shape the future of the Bringers and Liberi that include the Rampage Special Interface and Badge Collection Event, tasking Survivors with collecting Rampage Badges in order to earn the Catastrophe Slasher (with a special badge available on Peak Day).

Peak Day begins July 4th and comes with a plethora of fun stuffs:

● Aftermatch Drop (7/4 only) Survivors will have a chance to obtain a permanent UMP – Cataclysm or Weapon Loot Crate at the end of each match. 

● Plant Map Drop (7/4 – 7/5) Interact with plants found in each map to make them grow and drop tokens. The more Survivors interacting with a single plant, the faster it’ll grow. 

● Friend Callback (7/4 – 7/8) Invite friends back to the Rampage campaign for a chance to win 99 Weapon Royale Vouchers and a Rampage Collection. 

● Rampage 2.0 (7/4 – 7/12) This new game mode had to be built from the ground up to support its new stronghold gameplay mechanism. Survivors will need to occupy one of three points while also battling to become a Rampage Warrior capable of otherworldly abilities. Teamwork will be essential in order to achieve victory!

While you’re waiting for Saturday, check out this hard charging, official music video!

And if THAT weren’t enough, a documentary and graphic novel will be coming soon to Free Fire’s official social media accounts!

If you’ve never played before, this is a GREAT way to start! Free Fire is available for iOS and Google Play, so if you want in on all this action, get there!

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