Barrett’s First BOOYAH!

Recently, I scored my first BOOYAH! Here’s how I got there.

1: Always be crouching: You may not be able to run but you can still move. When crouched, you won’t make sound and that keeps you off the radar. Crouching also lets you sneak in areas that are populated by warring players; they won’t see you if you’re sneaky.

2: Cover is your friend: Use EVERYTHING for cover. Walls, cars, shipping crates, regular crates, you name it. If it’s waist level, you can hide behind it. There is no shame at all, especially when injured, to hide. By hiding behind a barrier, you have time to think, regroup, and plan what happens next. This is vital to stay alive.

3: Patience is a Virtue: Waiting is fine. Staying where you are is fine. If the ring isn’t closing in, if an enemy is lighting up your radar and you have time (or feel like your weapons aren’t good enough) there’s no shame in waiting it out. Often times in a scuffle, the victor is wounded and trying to heal and that is when you pounce. It’s an easy kill and you’ll feel good about it. If your health is low and your hiding? Wait it out. The player may give up. 

4: Keep your head on a swivel: Often times you are not alone. As your scavenging for better weapons, med kits or upgrading your weapons, there is someone else by you. By keeping an eye on your surroundings, you’ll know who is in the room with you and what you can do about it. This is a big deal because you don’t know where your next fight will happen and often times it does not come head on.

5: Last but not least by any means, ALWAYS LOOK FOR THE UPPER HAND:  Whether this is running away to heal, reload, switch to a more powerful scope, pressing fire faster than the other person, you’ll have to look for an upper hand to each fight. When there is 49 other people on the battlefield, each encounter can mean your death. If you feel like going to the second floor of a building will give you higher ground, do it. If you see someone from a distance and you have a 4X scope, use it. If there is a firefight going on, wait it out and pick off the victor. It’s dirty but Free Fire is a dog eat dog world and you have to show how hungry you are.

Let’s see all this in action!

That’s it from me! And if you have any tips you’d like to share, leave a comment below. I’ll catch you in the next Jump!

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