Welcome To Bermuda: Part One

I have to start by saying that Bermuda has a bigger feel than Kalahari, with smaller pockets of sites that are more or less the same except for some specific places. These places usually segue into other major locations on the map.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s jump in!

The Observatory

Dropping in on the Observatory

Dropping in, you’ll notice that this section has a lot of stairs going in multiple directions. Central to the area is two observatories; inside, you’ll find an assortment of med kits, ammo, shotguns, and a katana.

Dropping down gives you access to the loading docks underneath. In the docking areas are more med kits and automatic weapons. So stock up, because you never know who is hiding behind one of the MANY abandoned buses everywhere.

Pro Tip: Keep an eye on whomever may drop around you. Stay behind cover, collect the med kits, ammo, and one good gun. The Observatory may not be popular but the surrounding area is (especially the section with the buses). Enemies are everywhere and as it’s a “take no prisoners” kind of game, keep an eye out.

Cape Town

Running Around Cape Town

Imagine a small suburb. Mostly one floor houses with a few rooms in each. Each room had ammo, some rooms have armor. Some, Melee weapons. I dropped in between two houses so I was able to sneak around, picking up and stocking up. Cape Town is huge so if you have the time, check it out.

Pro Tip: The outskirts of Cape Town has a lot of good gear. Check the double decker houses and hotel buildings. They will often give you a great assortment of weapons. Also, stay away from the fences. Others will shoot through them.


First Kill at the Hanger

With two giant hangers filled with crates, ammo, med kits, and shotguns. There are three giant warehouses with boxes and crates to hide behind but only a baseball bat and med kit to pick up. Right and left of these warehouses are giant stacks of shipping containers and crates chock full of ammo, shotguns, machine guns, and bulletproof vests. Exposed yellow staircases go to the roof and there you will find more med kits and a level two back pack.

Outskirts of the Hanger

On the outskirts of The Hanger are various two-story houses mostly filled with backpacks, vests, ammo, and gun components (stock upgrade and a scope upgrade). Also a REALLY good place to pick off other players. They won’t see you otherwise.

Pro Tip: The Hanger is massive! So are the houses around it. The best tip I can give you is to land on the roof of one of the warehouses that are next to one of the hangers. I got a shotgun, a backpack, ammo and a MP40. It’s not the best weapons to start out with but it’s something to start out with.

The Graveyard

I’m Going to be in Grave Danger

Encircling a giant mansion are three small grave sites and some small mortuaries. Inside, are health kits and helmets. Among the grave stones are FAMASes, ammo, P90s and scopes among other upgrades to your guns. The jump pad also is great when your in the thick of a fight and are losing. Load yourself on and fire yourself away from the ‘heat’ and you’ll live to fight another round after you heal up.

Even the Stairs are HUGE!

The mansion itself is HUGE! Three floors, basement, main floor and attic. All three have multiple rooms and they have decent items in it. Mostly focused on healing, gloo grenades, vests and some munitions, the mansion is packed with goodies. Plan an escape if you encounter an enemy. Because there is nothing to hide behind in the mansion.


Pro Tip: Play defense here. You don’t know who may be in the house trying to shoot you from a window or hiding behind a gravestone. Even inside a mortuary. Take it slow and steady, keep your head on a swivel. Once inside the house, run through it, grabbing what you need and get out. There is no cover there.


Like Golf, but more Deadly

Parachuting in, you can tell that this is a firing range. To the left is where you’ll set yourself up. Immediately you think, “There must be ammo and guns there,” and you would be right! To the right, is a two story complex. In there, you’ll find your standard handgun ammo, machine gun ammo, some gliders, and at least three to four katanas here. Running through the shooting range area felt like it was a maze made for waist level hiding and and prone sneaking.

This is a Nice Respite for a bit.

The actual building where you would go to line up shots on targets did have some ammo and guns but they also had health kits as well. Dead center is an empty place to relax and watch the action. Great view, too!

Pro Tip: most of the weapons and amp are out among the targets. You will not be able to hide unless the attacks are coming from the firing range. Then, you can hide behind the targets. Otherwise, if your looking to take cover you need to go prone and crawl to safety.

This is it for Part One; when you’re ready, Part Two awaits!

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