A Brief Guide to Free Fire’s Animal Companions

If you have a pet at home, you can agree that you love them with all your heart. My Sooner loves to greet us at the door each day, no matter how long we are out. Garena: Free Fire has pets too and they are like your adorable ones at home! 

Here is a quick guide to the pets in Free Fire!

(And I gotta warn ya: the cuteness factor goes through the roof here.)


If an Otter loves EDM music this would be your guy! He heals a percentage of your EP when using a treatment gun or a med kit; usually it’s 35% but after leveling him up to 5, it goes up to 50%


Dragon Quest lovers unite! Rushers unite as well! This blobs skill is called Stitch and Patch, and increases level 1 helmet and armor durability every three seconds and stops up to level 1 helmet and armor from being destroyed. At level 5, Poring increases the level 1 helmet and armor durability every two seconds while preventing up to level 2 helmet and armor from being destroyed. 


Are flip walls your thing? ROBO is a good fit for you then! It strengthens the wall’s HP 60% at level 5 it adds 80%. Great for portability walls that are nearly impenetrable while in battle!


This dog (who bears a striking resemblance to the dog from Okami) heals your HP! 4 HP when using health packs and 7 HP after level 5.


Arguably the cutest of the cute, this doggo loves to sniff out mushrooms and will mark it on your map! Also, look at that outfit! It’s heart meltingly adorable!


Just like EVERY SINGLE CAT on Earth, this cat does nothing. Absolutely nothing. It’s a freeloader but competes with The Shiba, so we cut it some slack.


This robot dog does everything a dog does BUT it leaves so mess so that’s good I guess. But keep your shoes from it’s titanium jaws.


Inventory too low and can’t find the good backpacks? Night Panther increases your inventory by 15 and when upgraded past level 5, it increases by 30.


He ups yourself HP after each kill by 4; level 5 and up, each kill grants you 7 HP. Detective Panda is pretty sadistic I guess.


Falco speeds up your descent when dropping into a zone.

This is a rundown of al the animals in the game so far! After certain levels you can unlock other skins for them too so, as much as you enjoy your pet companion at home, now in Free Fire, you can enjoy a pet companion too! I’ll be honest, they are cooler here too. 

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