Your Guide To Free Fire Pets

Whether it’s a cuddly little kitten or a robotic panther, everyone loves pets. If you’re tired of pets being relegated to decorative status in other battle royale and multiplayer shooters, the folks at Garena offer a solution: battle pets!

Yes, you can have your own cuddly (or even metal) companion in Free Fire, so it’s time to start saving up those diamonds.

You can choose from a variety of pets for use in-game, and there are plenty to fit every preference and play style. Just in case you’re not too familiar with the way these little buddies work, we’ve put together a simple cheat sheet for you here. You’ll be an experienced pet owner in no time.  

What do pets do in Free Fire?

Your adorable pets can join you in-game on your never-ending quest for a Booyah!. When you purchase and equip a pet, you can then use its special abilities and buffs in battle. For instance, Night Panther’s “Weight Training” can increase your inventory space by 15. Alternatively, Ottero’s “Double Blubber” allows you to recover EP when you use the Treatment Gun or Med Kit for 35% of your HP.

As your pets gain levels, their abilities get stronger. Some pets have multiple skills that you can unlock as they gain experience, so it’s a good idea to mix and match the ones that work best for you. You can even earn new actions and skins for your pets as they grow to further customize them and help them work for you. They aren’t just cute, they’re your allies in battle!

How do I get a pet?

If you’re ready to buy a pet, head to the Store and choose the Pets category. Select the pet you’d like to purchase and you’re good to go! You can opt to equip your pet as soon as you purchase it.

Pets typically cost 399 to 499 Diamonds, but you can usually find some of the breeds on sale in the Store if you’re patient. Sometimes you’ll be rewarded with pets during special events as well. There are different skins you can opt to add to your purchase if you see one that strikes your fancy as well.

Once you visit your pet in the main menu, you’ll be prompted to change its name. You can do this once for free as soon as you bring your pet home. Otherwise it will remain the character’s default name. You can change the name again in the future by pressing the pencil and paper icon above your pet’s image, but it will cost you some Diamonds to do so.

What kind of pets are currently available?

Right now, there are 10 pets in Free Fire. They include the otter Ottero; slime monster Poring; spherical robot Robo; Spirit Fox, the ferocious Shiba Inu; a kitten named Kitty; robot dog Mechanical Pup; robotic Night Panther; menacing Detective Panda; and last (but certainly not least) the majestic falcon Falco.

*Currently, the slime-like Poring is unavailable.


You can manually level up a pet by purchasing pet food. Go to the Pets section of your main menu and select the pet you’d like to power up. Pet food costs 30 diamonds apiece. Click on the “1” icon above “Owned: X” (with X being the number of food items you own) and you will feed your pet. There is a gauge right above that with a visual and numerical representation of your pet’s level.

Click the icon to continue feeding your pet food. As it levels up, you’ll be met with a screen that details the new skills and/or changes it’s going through. It’s a good idea to continue feeding your pet food as often as possible to make it as powerful as possible.

How did pets come to Free Fire?

Free Fire’s Pets came into the picture after the development team realized that being connected to others as you play is very important, as is enjoying the time you spend with your friends and loved ones. But it isn’t always feasible to hop into a game with your BFFs. Taking a page from the developers’ personal experience with their own pets, the team worked off of one important tenet: “You can play the game solo, but you’re never alone.”

“Having a connection when you’re playing can help you bring your A-game into the fray,” the Free Fire team shared on the official blog. “Of course, pets are also useful when you’re playing Squads, but that makes it even more fun, right? With the Pet system, we’re trying to offer as much personalization (sic) to it as we do with other aspects of the game.”

“We’re also continually improving the system to make it more fun for everyone, regardless of what their intent for engaging with the system is initially. By having pets in the game, we hope every player can find a companion they enjoy and will help them in battle!”

That just about does it for this quick and easy guide to pets. Be sure to check back for additional updates should the system evolve over time!

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