Tips And Tricks: Breaking Down Kalahari (PT One)

From the jump, you can see Kalahari is MASSIVE.

It will take forever to comb through every little thing on your own at once, BUT, if we break it down into parts, that BOOYAH won’t be too far off!

Old Hampton

Old Hampton is a beautiful town, clothes hanging from off the line underneath two story buildings. Weapons are all over the area, with low cover for you to hide behind. following a main road, it comes to a courtyard of broken stone and wooden structures. great for when firefights break out. Not many health Kits but a lot of ammo and guns.

TIPS: Old Hampton has stone structures you can use for cover. Stay crouched or prone and the enemy will walk right past you! Weapons lay strewn across the ground in Old Hampton so you will always find more ammo or a gun.


Bayfront’s exterior is gorgeous. Palm trees dot the landscape as two story buildings line the roadways. cars dot the area too. A road runs through Bayfront, meaning it definently attracts attention. exposed staircases are perfect for snipers and in the middle of the town is a giant tower, around it a knee high wall that when crouched gives you cover.

TIPS: Bayfront is filled with multi level buildings and cars. the tower in the middle has a knee high wall you can hide behind when crouched as will the cars that dot the map. ammo is not scarce here but this is a popular place to land. stay low, go slow and make sure you have enough med-kits because you’ll probably be fighting your way out. If you are caught on an exposed staircase, stay crouched. don’t jump off but instead try to run up into the building.


A max security prison, four towers sit on each corner, two story buildings sit on the inside, with raised platforms that hold med kits on the inside. crates dot the area and serve as cover but inside the buildings the only cover is you against the wall. The windows are both high and low so pick and choose how you hide but the first floors of the buildings are all windowless. Weapons dot the ground and so does ammo. Trucks serve as great cover. All four towers are one floor only, thats the bottom floor.

TIPS: Confinement is a claustrophobic part of the map. you could be on top of someone real fast. There are not many placed to hide so duck when going past windows. move slow when going through doorways and keep an eye out for the med kits. you can burn through your ammo fast, and your health even faster.

Santa Catarina

Santa Catarina has a ship that has broken in half. Mast-less so it definitely will never sail again. the top half has weapons and ammo, with two floors. the top deck and the bow underneath. the lower half has no items whatsoever but has great cover. The second half, the bow, that half has nothing as well. It still provides great cover and a hole on the right for getaways with the booty.

TIPS: Cover galore. weapons in the front half. No med-kits. The back half doesn’t need exploring. drop down into the sand and make a right for quick getaways.


A giant refinery loomed overhead. the only way up is a zip-line from where I was. once up, giant shipping crates lined the base. Pillars help its form up above your head. this massive structure has another floor but there was too much ammo and guns that it didn’t matter what was up there. around some pillars are exploding barrels. just don’t try and jump from the structure. Its instant death.

TIPS: Refinery is a popular place. Items lay everywhere, med-kits, ammo, and guns. there isn’t much cover other than those massive legs that hold the refinery up. exploding barrels do dot this part of the map so shooting one to blow an enemy to bits shouldn’t be a problem. (Enemies don’t actually blow to bits)


On the outskirts of Kalahari sit giant mammoth bones, shipping crates, sand bags, large tents, and cacti as far as the eye can see. Under the bones sit more crates and extended platforms with guns, med kits, and ammo. The shipping crates hold some items on them as well, but the majority of the guns and ammo are on the tables underneath the tents that sit directly under the bones. A plus is the ability to climb onto the bones and get a great view of the ground. Just don’t jump down: it’s instant death.

TIPS: Mammoth has some nice places to hide. crates in front of the bones are great as well as the tents that sit atop the craggy cliff. Beds of trucks have ammo and guns but where you want to be is directly under the bones. If you play it safe, you can sneak in and sneak out, without an issue. No med kits that I saw.

And that’s a wrap on part one, but never fear: I shall return!

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