Rampage II: Uprising Event Begins June 25th

Everything you need to know about the upcoming Rampage II: Uprising happening Thursday, June 25th, AND a spanking new game mode arriving July 4th–July 13th!

“What is Rampage II: Uprising?”
In this epic battle between the Bringers and the Liberi, with players choosing sides and competing with gamers from around the globe for sweet victory!

June 25th – July 10th

Earn Prestige Points by playing to add to your faction’s score, as the winning faction will win extra
rewards. Prestige Points are added up to decide winning placement to determine
who gets top-notch loot. Carnage Missions offers players a chance to rack up event drops
they can use to obtain unique goodies that have 2 tiers and vary depending on faction:

Bringer Faction Rewards:
Bringer’s Pin
Famine Felon Bundle
Yellow Dash
Hidden Blade

Liberi Faction Rewards:
Liberi’s Pin
Famine Felon Bundle
Catastrophe Bringer
Greenish Death
Plague and Famine

During the event, EVERY login allows players to spin the Lucky Wheel for prizes (with a chance to win grandest prize of all: Planet Destroyer).

NOTE: Login July 4th or 5th and win an extra special prize: Final Catastrophe Loot Box!

“What IS Rampage II: Uprising Game Mode?”

Rampage II: Uprising is a 4v4 match with an 8-minute cap and has a “King of the Mountain” vibe with a twist: one of three different zones will activate and players need to occupy that zone to rake in points. Every few seconds, the Hardpoint relocates to a new spot. If the zone is contested by an opposing team member, no one wins. HOWEVER, a “Rampage” costume will appear at some point in the match that transforms
the player into a Rampage Warrior which means higher damage, has more HP, moves faster, and is likely to be very popular on their team and very unpopular on their enemies’ team!

Event Drops
Two different drops await players ready to earn:

Carnage Points, which drop after Carnage Missions and will be tracked on a Top 100
Leaderboard. Each team on the board gets an EP Card + 250 level EP, with the winning team earning Incubator Royale Vouchers x2, Weapon Royale Vouchers x2, and Diamond Royale Vouchers x2.
(You can also spend Carnage Points in the store to unlock upper-tier items!)
Rampage Tokens will also make an appearance, spawning randomly on the map throughout the event and after every match played July 4th – July 6th .

Event Days

July 4th – July 5th

Players will enjoy grabbing 4x Experience, 4x Gold, 4x Fragments, AND 4x the daily limit!
After every game, players also have a chance to obtain a Rampage Token that you can use to buy permanent weapon skins like Apocalypse Death – M1014 and
Apocalypse War – AN94.

July 4th – July 6th

These days will see players earning a random amount of Carnage Points to spend after each match. Best part? No daily limit! You can grind those puppies out to your heart’s content. Players can embrace their inner green thumb by interacting with special plants on the map and making them grow by using
emotes near them. Once the plant blooms, it drops Rampage Tokens; the more players tending
to a plant, the faster it grows! And don’t sweat it if you don’t have an emote equipped; a
default one will play anyway. There will be 20 plants on the map per match, so keep your eyes
peeled for them to increase your chances of getting more Rampage Tokens.

July 4th – July 7th

Exchange those hard-earned Rampage Tokens for Apocalypse weapon skins!

July 4th – July 9th
Take advantage of Friend Callbacks during this time to win exclusive prizes, where even your invited
buddy will walk away with 5 of their very own Rampage Boxes just for showing up. There’ll be milestone targets for your region that tracks how many Friend Callbacks have happened, with rewards being sent to all players when each milestone is hit!

Callback 1 Friend = Rampage Box x2 + Disease
Callback 3 Friends = Rampage Box x5 + Fight or Flight
Callback 5 Friends = Rampage Box x20

Spread the word, figure out which side you’re on, and hone those skills in the meantime; you gonna need them to mop the floor with the competition!

Time to game for the greater good!

Rampage: Uprising II event begins Thursday, June 25th.

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