Booyah Boot Camp: Pistols, Shotguns, and SMG

The weapons and gun types of Garena Free Fire are relatively expansive when you take into account each individual stat and spec. We’ve broken down each weapon to know what to look out for when hitting the ground. Let’s discuss the differences between every pistol, shotgun, and SMG in Free Fire.


If you find yourself in a shorter brawl, Pistols can really pack a punch. There’s just a tad too many to critique individually, so we’ll organize it as pros and cons.

  • Treatment Gun: They say you can’t heal people by wounding another. In the case of the Treatment Gun, you can do both. If you fire at an ally, you can heal their wounds. But, if you fire at an opponent, it can be pretty devastating. It’s great for matches where you squad up.
  • M500: Let’s say you are a bit of a ranged shooter and all you’re finding are pistols. Look for the M500  because it’s a long-range, scoped pistol with a pretty awesome reload speed. The capacity is pretty small at only 5 rounds, but it’s more than a sniper rifle.
  • M1873: Considering this pistol is more like a mini shotgun, the damage on it is ridiculously high. It only holds 2 rounds at a time and is pretty slow to reload. But, in a pinch, get in close with this bad boy.
  • USP: The USP is pretty mid-range in terms of stats and doesn’t affect your movement while on the go. It probably isn’t something you want during endgame battles, but it’s great for your initial rush.
  • G18: If you want something mid-level, look for the G18. It’s not designed to be the high end or the low end of anything. The range is pretty substandard, but it makes up for that in clip size.
  • Desert Eagle: Are you looking to do as much damage as humanly possible at a longer range? The Desert Eagle may not have a big clip, but it will take down your opponents and allow you to run and gun pretty heartily.
  • Hand-Cannon: This gun only can handle two rounds at a time, is incredibly inaccurate, and needs to be used in close combat. But, if you manage to get a hit with it, your opponent is toast.

SG (Shotgun)

As you would expect, shotguns are incredibly low ranged weapons. But, they’re devastating when used up close. The M1887 is especially useful due to the area of effect due to the spread of bullets, but can only handle 2 rounds at a time. Luckily, it has a very high reload speed to get you shooting again.

The SPAS12 and M1014 both rock the high damage as well. But, that SPAS12 only lets you fire one bullet at a time, much slower. If you miss, you’re likely done.

SMG (Submachine Gun)

The Submachine guns easily have one of the highest number of gun types at 7, trailing behind the 12 Assault Rifles offered in the game and tying with pistols. Since there are so many, let’s break them down to their pros and cons to make it easier to process.

  • CG15: This gun is a good, mid-grade weapon that doesn’t have too much good or bad. The best part of it is the range, which is slightly better than most submachine guns. It has the ability to charge up for a single, much higher damage shot.
  • P90: This small-but-deadly gun has both a much higher capacity built into it and a pretty good rate of fire. You’ll need to make sure you’re close enough to actually hit your opponent though as the range is pretty limited.
  • MP40: If you’re looking to unload a bunch of bullets in a short amount of time, look for an MP40. It only holds 20 at a time, but the recoil is pretty tame for so much at once. You should probably have your aim down pat because the accuracy of this thing is pretty low.
  • UMP: This is probably the best all-around assault rifle in terms of specs. It can handle tons of attachments, has a high rate of fire, super quick reload speed, and has a high movement speed. In addition, the magazine holds 48 rounds at once, making this a deadly adversary. Just be careful about that low accuracy rating.
  • MP5: The MP5 is like the little brother to the UMP in terms of its strengths, but has much higher accuracy. You should keep an eye out for this SMG while out in battle.
  • VSS: This assault rifle is designed like a low-tier sniper rifle. The range on it is crazy long. Unlike sniper rifles, it can hold 15 rounds at a time. But, you can focus fire with a scope. 
  • Thompson: The newest assault rifle to be added to the mix is the Thompson. Like it’s namesake, the rate of fire is incredibly high, but lacks in range. This gun is great for close-range firefights.

Check out our other break down of the rest of the weapons and while you’re at it, get some tips on the basics here. If you haven’t actually played Garena Free Fire Yet, check it out here!

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