New To Free Fire? NO PROBLEM!

You’ve just downloaded one of the most popular mobile games that boasts over 450 million registered users and has over 80 million daily active players. I’m here to give you a few hints that’ll help shape your gaming experience!


I cannot stress the importance of Training Mode. Without it, you’re basically inviting 49 other people to kill you while you’re still trying to figure out the sniper scope. Training not only allows you to try EVERY gun available (power, bullet distance/damage), it also lets you explore the map (which is a great way to take notes on each location).



Knowing where to drop will shape the rest of your 10 minute round, so plan accordingly before the round starts. Doing “hot drops” to places like the Clock Tower or Pochinok will possibly get you a whole lotta loot, BUT, everyone else knows about it too, so keep that in mind! If you’d rather drop somewhere “relatively safer,” I’d suggest Cape Town or Hangar.


Now I know you want to start with a great loadout, but there’ll be times where it’s not going to happen; I recommend grabbing what you can early (like grenades and flashbangs) instead of doing a deep search right off the bat. And don’t mess around while looting, because you CAN be eliminated in the process. It’s more strategic to build your loot with time rather than trying to do right off the bat. Don’t think about it, just GRAB AND GO!


I know it can be very overwhelming when it’s you versus 49 opponents, BUT, instead of running for the hills, I suggest running straight for said opponent. “Why?!” Well, because there will be times that seeing someone running straight for them firing on all cylinders can sometimes confuse them, and the more time you spend in CQC (close quarters combat), the more experienced you will become. And as you don’t “die” in real life, why not go for the gusto?! GET SOME BOOYAHS!!!

Now, don’t panic: I PROMISE you I will return with more tricks and tips for you! Now get in there and GET SOME!

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