June Events: Fabled Fox and Beach Party

Garena Free Fire players can generally play the game without worrying about fancy things going on around them. But, those that pay attention can earn themselves some really cool bonuses just for playing during the June events. 

Fabled Fox Garena Free Fire

Fire Pass: Fabled Fox

As with most free to play games out there, Garena Free Fire packs a paid pass system. This can offer both free and premium options as you play through your matches. The Fire Pass is what it’s called in Free Fire. This month’s offering focuses on what’s called the “Fabled Fox”. Anyone familiar with modern anime knows how ever-present foxes are in Japanese culture and the Fabled Fox Fire Pass focuses on that white fox (or kitsune) aesthetic. 

As mentioned, you can utilize the free option to unlock different items at higher intervals. This includes new clothing and avatars, all featuring kitsune. As for the paid subscriptions, you get two options: the Elite Pass and the Elite Bundle.

Fire Pass: What Do I Get?

For 600 diamonds, the Elite pass unlocks the secondary battle pass items. Start with the Style Fox jacket and ending with the legendary Kitsune’s Riposte Bundle as the final prize, which includes a full outfit. Progression of badges are the items that earn you unlocks in the Fire Pass. This is based on the user on how far they reach, but the event lasts until the end of June. 

For 1200 diamonds, however, the Elite Bundle does all of the above, plus adds some special perks. Your nickname is shown in red to other players when you get a kill. You immediately unlock an exclusive animated avatar, appearing to be a golden kitsune. The bundle also unlocked 50 badges instantly, which will boost you towards completing the progression. Additionally, you’ll unlock a non-animated avatar and the Kitsune’s Revenge clothing bundle (similar to the Kitsune’s Ripost Bundle earned at the end of the Fire Pass)

June Events: Beach Party

Until June 18th, the Beach Party is on! Starting June 3rd, you can earn pool inner tubes that can be used to unlock special prizes through the event. On Sunday, June 14th, a new map will drop as well as a ton of special items that will be free to unlock and can be won. 

You can earn those inner tubes by shooting randomly placed sand castles through the maps. Log in daily or play during the map drop itself on June 14th. You can utilize them in the Beach Party menu (the little palm tree on the main menu) to unlock cosmetics and presents for other players.

In addition, the Beach Party Booyah event unlocks special items and tickets for getting your wins (Booyah!) and finishing in 1st place. From June 10th to 14th, the prizes include cosmetics and a special chest.

If you happen to top up your diamonds during the event, don’t forget to grab your special watermelon frying pan cosmetic as well from the same event menus, as well as a special assortment of Beach themed cosmetics for trading in Blue Crystal Beads in the same area.

Other June Events Going On

The Revolver Roulette guarantees the Male Butterfly skin within 6 attempts. Steffie Graffiti keeps with the kitsune theme of the Fire Pass to potentially unlock the Kitsune pet or others as tiers go up and up. Also, if you happen to get Gold 3 during Season 1 of CS Rank Mode, grab your Golden Eagle pistol before the end of July. 

If you top up certain amounts between June 8th and June 11th, earn yourself the Blueprints: Spikey Spines, Evolution Stones, and other rewards. Don’t forget to unlock what you can before June 14th or you’ll miss out on the awesome June events!

Have you not tried Garena Free Fire yet? Download it for iOS and Android here! In the meantime, you should check out our article on some great tips on getting started in the game.

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