Free Fire Guide: Everything To Know About Gear And Equipment Types

Free Fire is one of the largest and most-played battle royale survival shooter games on mobile with over 450 million players. With its free-to-play format, anyone can download and play at any time, anywhere, with quick 10-minute rounds of 50 players each.

Battle royale games like Free Fire can often feel extremely overwhelming though, especially when you’re playing on a mobile screen. Everywhere you go there are glowing items on the ground and by default, your character is constantly equipping things automatically. As a result, it’s easy to get confused about what does what and what to use in specific situations. We’ve put together this guide for everything you need to know in Free Fire about the various types of gear and equipment.

If you’re brand new to the game read our New Player guide right here and for a dedicated guide on the types of guns, check here instead. This guide covers (essentially) everything else.

How To View Your Gear In Free Fire

Free Fire is a very fast-paced shooter that requires you to not only think and act quickly but to also be constantly aware of your surroundings. This often means keeping an eye out for the best gear you can find both on the ground and looted from bodies of killed players.

To see a full breakdown of all the gear your character is carrying, tap on the backpack icon in the lower-left corner. That should bring up an inventory that looks similar to the one in the screenshot below.

free fire backpack inventory screenshot

What Types Of Gear And Equipment Are There In Free Fire?

Your gear is split into two categories: Equipment, or what you are currently wearing/using, and Capacity, or all of the extra stuff in your bag. The types of gear and equipment you’ll find in Free Fire include armor like vests and helmets, storage items like backpacks, special gear, weapons, ammo, attachments, medkits, and more.

Free Fire Armor: Vests and Helmets

  • Vest: Getting a high-level vest is very important in Free Fire. Vests offer damage protection from enemy damage and can be found in four tiers. The higher the tier of your Vest, the better it is:
    • Tier 1: 33% increased protection
    • Tier 2: 50% increased protection
    • Tier 3: 66% increased protection
    • Tier 4: 70% increased protection
  • Helmet: Similar to Vests, helmets reduce damage but are specifically associated with damage when shot in the head. A good helmet could be the difference between life and death when facing a good sniper. They’re found in three tiers:
    • Tier 1: 33% increased protection
    • Tier 2: 45% increased protection
    • Tier 3: 57% increased protection

Free Fire Backpacks and Special Items

  • Backpack: You can find varying tiers of backpacks, just like armor, but instead of providing increased protection they provide increased carrying capacity. The higher tier your backpack, the more items you can carry. As of the time of this writing, there are three tiers, so always check backpacks you find to see if they’re better than what you have.
  • Special: The slot below backpacks is reserved for special items like cover gear that can obscure you from enemy sight and other types of limited use items you’ll find in the game.

Free Fire Weapons

  • Main Weapons: In the middle of your inventory are your two main weapon slots for guns such as assault rifles (AR), sub-machine guns (SMG), Snipers, Shotguns, and Light Machine Guns (LMG). These are your main guns during the game and each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Check out our gun guide for in-depth analysis of each type of gun. Additionally, both main weapon slots can use a variety of attachments, including:
    • Optics, such as scopes and red dot sights that help improve accuracy and tracking targets at longer ranges.
    • Muzzle attachments like silencers.
    • Stock attachments to improve stability and recoil.
    • Magazine attachments to increase the number of rounds you can hold in the gun.
  • Handguns: Below the two main weapons, to the left, is where your handgun will go. These are usually pistols or revolvers, but sawed-off shotguns also count as handguns. Consider these weapons a last resort most of the time.
  • Melee: You probably won’t use your melee weapon much unless it’s the very start of the match and you haven’t found a gun yet or if you run out of ammo, but some melee items have other uses too. FOr example, the frying pan will deflect bullets while it’s hanging at your back, not in use.  
  • Thrown Weapons: Similar to medkits, thrown weapons like grenades are actually stored on the main screen, just below medkits. Tap here to equip one and use it. You’ll see an arc line on-screen previewing the trajectory of your throw.
free fire victory screen chicken dinner royale battle

Free Fire Medkits And Inventory Items

  • Medkits: These are how you heal in Free Fire. When you pick them up they’re automatically collected and stored in the medkit icon on the main screen — not the inventory. When you tap the icon you’ll start to heal. They restore 75 hit points over 5 seconds. You cannot move while using a medkit so find cover first. 
  • Inventory/Capacity Items: That’s not everything though, there are lots of other items that you can find that may end up in your general capacity category on the right side of the backpack.
    • Ammo: Ammo is usually stored in guns themselves, but if you don’t have any weapons that use that ammo they may get stored here. Having enough ammo is very important, but carrying too much can bog down space for other items.
    • Weapon mods: Sometimes you may find a weapon mod, like a powerful zoom scope, that isn’t useful for a gun you’re using but would be if you found a different weapon. You can store stuff like that and other unused attachments in your capacity too.
    • Other items: Finally, you might find special use items such as Repair Kits that let you fix damaged vests, an Info Box that shows you the next safe zone, and more.

How To Change Gear In Free Fire

To change your gear in Free Fire just tap on the backpack icon to open up the full inventory and then tap on items in the “Capacity” category that you want to equip. This will assign them into the correct slot automatically and move whatever item was already in that slot into your Capacity category. To drop something entirely, drag it down to the bottom right trash can that says “Drag here to drop” and it will no longer be in your backpack. This frees up your capacity so you can pick up more items you actually want and need.

free fire group featured image wallpaper no logo

Hopefully, you found this gear and equipment guide for Free Fire helpful! While the core premise of battle royale games is very simple, they can actually be quite deep and complex the more you dig into them. That’s certainly the case with Free Fire.

To check out the game for yourself if you haven’t downloaded it yet, click here.

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