Booyah Boot Camp: Bows, Launchers, Snipers, LMG, Melee, & AR

At first glance, the guns of Garena Free Fire may seem boiled down to a handful of types with not much difference within each type. But, upon further inspection, it’s easy to see that it isn’t entirely true. Each type of gun is classified under an easy banner that helps differentiate when equipped, but the individual guns have different stats and specs. So, let’s break it down and find out which guns you should be on the lookout for when knee-deep in battle. We’re going to break-down the majority of the weapons in the game here.

Don’t Cross The Crossbow

The crossbow is highly accurate and deals some pretty obscene damage. If you land a shot on your opponent, they will bleed over time, even ignoring vests and helmets. You only get 1 shot before you have to reload, so make it count!

Launchers Away!

Launchers are all-encompassing for both rockets and grenade launchers. The RGS50 has a maximum range, accuracy, and whopping damage, but lacks in speed and capacity. It also  lacks heavily in armor penetration.

For the grenade launchers, we get two choices: M79 and MGL140. The M79 is incredibly lacking in magazine (holding one at a time to lob) and fails in range. But, it packs a punch in damage in accuracy. The MGL140, however, has really high damage, reload speed, and accuracy. It even holds up to five grenades at a time.

Long-Range and the SR (Sniper Rifle)

Sniper rifles generally have four major traits: high damage, incredibly long range, pinpoint accuracy, and super small round capacity. The KAR98K automatically comes with an 8X scope built in. The AWM is best for opponents that have stopped moving. The new M82B does a ton of damage to vehicles and the ice wall. 

Keep an eye out for assault rifles that will also work as snipers as well. 

Lightly Touching On The LMG  (Light Machine Gun)

There’s two guns that are classified as LMG in Garena Free Fire: the Gatling gun and the M249. They each take on a different way to be used though. The M249 only holds 100 rounds at a time, but allows for a much quicker movement speed. The cumbersome gatling gun, on the other hand, holds 1200 rounds, a crazy rate of fire, and has a n ice range. In either case, they’re both great for mowing down opponents.

Close Quarters Combat With Melee

The Katana and the Machete rock the exact same stats, being a quick attack with super inaccurate and close-quarters range. If you manage to pull off a good slice at someone, it’ll hit pretty hard though. 

The frying pan works as both a weapon and a shield to help block bullets flying toward you. In a much smaller capacity, the Bat can deflect as well, but not nearly as good.

While the grenade is considered a melee weapon, it works as a slightly longer range explosive as well. The stats all depend on your throw, so, don’t miss and don’t throw it at your feet.

So Many AR (Assault Rifle)

With the highest amount of weapons in this category, Assault Rifles are where most of your damage will be given and taken. Let’s critique each one and see what you should keep an eye out for.

  • AN94: When you’re dealing with so many weapons, they can’t all be fantastic. This one has a high recoil but is pretty standard on all other stats. 
  • XM8: The XM8 is pretty great with its 2X scope and lower recoil, but runs a lower capacity than some.
  • M60: Do you want something that’ll mow down opponents without the need for a reload? This gun packs 60 rounds at a time and is pretty medium across the board on everything else.
  • SVD: Do you want an assault rifle that also acts like a sniper rifle? The incredibly high damage and range capabilities of the SVD makes it hard to get your hands on normally. Check for them at resupply points or airdrops. Yes, it’s a sniper rifle, but it uses the AR rounds.
  • FAMAS: This battle rifle rockets out three rounds at a time and holds up fairly well in mid- to long-range battles.
  • M4A1: The M4A1 is the standard to look at when comparing all assault rifles. It’s got a pretty solid range but isn’t particularly the “best” at any one thing. It’s a great weapon for beginners to grab because it’s well-balanced.

Don’t You Assault My Character

  • AK: If you’re looking for a weapon that can cause a lot of damage at once and handle any possible attachment, the AK is a great choice. Be careful of that high recoil, though, as it will kick you away from your target.
  • SKS: Similarly to the SVD, this sniper rifle utilizes the AR rounds and comes standard with a 4X scope. It’s worth considering if you like to keep your enemies far away.
  • GROZA: If you want high damage and range, as well as the capacity to take down your enemies without the need for a reload, the GROZA is your best friend. It can handle any attachment you put on it and is something you want in your arsenal.
  • M14: The M14 isn‘t a sniper rifle, but it might as well be. Grab a scope for it and treat it like one. You’ll be happy to know it holds 15 rounds as well, where most snipers hold much less. 
  • SCAR: In most games, the SCAR is a force to be reckoned with. In Garena Free Fire, the SCAR is just a well-balanced gun that won’t do you wrong. It’s not the strongest out there, but it’s great as an early phase weapon.
  • Heatgun: The Heatgun is the newest assault rifle to join the line-up. If you get your hands on one, be careful not to overuse it as it will overheat and need to cool down. As for stats, it’s a great mid-range weapon and pretty well balanced otherwise.

Check out our other break down of the rest of the weapons and while you’re at it, get some tips on the basics here. If you haven’t actually played Garena Free Fire Yet, check it out here!

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